I teach courses in two departments. In the i-School (the School of Library and Information Studies), I teach Information Ethics and Policy (LIS 661) and Information Agencies and Their Environments (LIS 450). LIS 661 is an intensive primer on theoretical, legal, and policy-level approaches to important issues in information ethics and policy, including (among other things) speech/expression, infrastructure availability, neutrality, and ownership, privacy, intellectual property, and cultural property. LIS 450 is one of three required, introductory courses for all i-School master’s students, which in conjunction provide an overview of major themes and topics in information studies. LIS 450 examines information in a broad context by considering moral, social, legal, historical, and political issues in information dissemination, use, control, and management.

In the Program in Legal Studies, I teach Jurisprudence and Contemporary Issues (Legal Studies 450) and Surveillance, Privacy and Police Powers (Legal Studies 460, cross-listed at LIS 460). Jurisprudence and Contemporary Issues introduces and examines and number of fundamental questions about the nature and content of law, and uses approaches to those questions to look at what the proper or justifiable scope of law is. For example, what conduct may be justifiably prohibited? What makes something “property” and what does it mean for something to be property? When, and why, is it justifiable to punish people? What is the force (if any) of “international law”?  Surveillance, Privacy, and Police Powers considers a variety of questions related to state surveillance and privacy, including what is privacy? Whether, and to what extent, people have legal and moral rights to privacy? To what degree is surveillance is justifiable? It examines privacy and surveillance in the context of law enforcement, security, public health, education, finance, and others.

Some syllabi for recent versions of these courses are below (pdf):

Fall 2013

LIS 450: Information Agencies and Their Environments

Legal Studies 460: Surveillance, Privacy and Police Powers

Spring 2014

Legal Studies 450: Jurisprudence and Contemporary Issues

LIS 661: Information Ethics and Policy

LIS 931: Information Ethics and Policy (Ph.D. version)